Speaking Topics

WHITE I AM Names of God copyDo you have a specific theme or Bible verse you want to emphasize? Scoti tailors her message to work with your theme.

Click to download PDF describing Scoti Domeij’s Speaking Topics, Knowing God for Yourself on the Hebrew names of God.

Scoti’s speaking topics on the names of God include:

I Believe in You. What lies stalk our hearts? Not good enough…pretty enough…thin enough…smart enough…talented enough? Who influences what we believe about ourselves? El Emet, The God of Truth, peels away layers of lies so we can trust Who God says He is and embrace the truth of who God says we are.

God, Who Do You Say I Am? Every woman longs to feel loved, accepted, and beautiful. We compare ourselves to others, however, only observing our defects. We seek validation from others. The Lord My Maker, Jehovah Asah, who formed us in the womb, helps us see ourselves through His eyes, affirming our true value, identity and beauty.

The Adversity Advantage. Has a Goliath-sized circumstance shaken your faith? Convinced your future looks bleak? Feel like giving up? In life’s most difficult moments, El Chay, The Living God Who Gives Me Life, revives our strength and restores our hope to hold on until the sigh of dawn arrives.

Waiting for God. Silence. Suffering. Sidelined. Nothing tries our faith in uncertain, challenging times like waiting for God.  Feeling exhausted, hanging on by a thread? Feeling impatient with God’s timing? When we feel weak, desperate and stuck, Elohim Yachel, The God of Hope Who Is Able, reveals how to live strong in God’s love, wisdom and timing.

Finding Clarity in the Waiting: After the death of a loved one or a relationship, employment, or a life stage ends, how do we begin again? The guideposts of Jehovah Rachum, The Merciful God of Compassion, help us transition from that in-between-what’s-next stage to a new beginning.

Leather and Lace: Understanding God’s Tender Toughness. Got problems you can’t solve, stop or run away from? When something goes wrong and you inadequate, El Shaddai, The All-Sufficient Almighty God, provides a divine flow of courage and strength to endure our darkest hours.

Trusting God on the Broken Road. Everyone carries emotional baggage. What fills your bags? Shattered dreams? Devastating events? Unmet expectations? Discover how Jehovah-Ezer, The LORD Our Helper, frees us from our past so we can celebrate today and every new season of life.

Stuck between a Rock and a Hard Place? People change. Relationships change. Circumstances change. Emotions change. Where do you run when change rocks your world? When caught in the crossfire of man-made chaos, the unmovable, unshakeable, unchangeable Jehovah Tsur, God My Rock and My Strength, steadies and shelters us.

Wounded Healer, Beautiful Scars. Broken hearts. Broken relationships. Broken lives. Choices—by ourselves and others—brings hurt, disappointment, even bitterness. Find the beauty of brokenness in Jehovah Rapha, The Lord My Healer and Restorer, who bandages our wounds, heals the heartbroken and restores us to wholeness.

Transforming Your Past Into Your Purpose: Has your past confined your future or inspired your destiny? How do we let go of guilt and shame for past mistakes or sin and move forward in God’s best for us? The Elohay Selichot, the God of Forgiveness, who is compassionate, merciful, and patient, invites us to forgive ourselves by accepting his forgiveness.

Finding Home in a Disorienting World. We yearn to find comfort, especially when our nomadic hearts wander from God, face barren times, meet evil, or fall over a cliff. Never surprised by our weakness or where He finds us, Psalm 23 reveals how our gentle, protective, caring Yahweh Roi, The Lord My One True Shepherd, rescues us from evil and leads us to safety and rest.

Finding Harmony in Dissonant Times.  Anxiety. Conflict. Illness. Debt. Crisis. When chronic stress invades our lives, discord vexes our relationship with God, self and others. No matter the source of our distress, the presence, guidance and faithfulness of Jehovah Shalom, The Lord My Peace, helps us drive out the discord raiding our lives.

Finding Refuge in Adversity. Adversity, an inescapable part of life, places our private faith into the public arena. Facebook, Twitter, and cell phones provide instant communication to air our feelings. When difficult circumstances motivate us to cry out for help, Jehovah Palat, The Lord My Deliverer, provides a way to slip away from the temptation to grumble.

Finding Strength in Adversity. Tired? Needy? Hopeless? Adversity introduces us to our weakness. When you need perseverance most, Elohim Mauzi, God of My Strength, exchanges our weakness for His strength, infusing us with a hopeful looking toward the future without regard for our circumstances.

Finding Joy in Adversity.Pressed? Perplexed? Persecuted?When adversity ambushes happiness, our mouths reveal our thoughts and heart. When our tongue burns with vinegar, praise celebrating Elohim Tehilati, God of My Praise, releases the honey of praise to refresh our spirit with sweet joy.

Maintaining Reliability in an Unreliable World. Broken promises. Unfaithfulness. Instability. Lies. When our faith wavers in people, we can trust our unknown future to a known God—El Emuwnah, the God of Faithfulness who keeps his promises and hears our prayers.

Lord, I Want to See You. Past misery. Present pain. An uncertain future. Repeated temptations. Unceasing trials. When no one sees our cravings, our cares, our tears, our sighs, who can come to our aid? When overwhelmed, the omniscient El Ra’ah, The God Who Sees Me, understands where we’ve come from and where we’re going. He knows what can make of you and how He’ll achieve it.

Dying for Love. From counting the number of stars in the furthest galaxy to the hairs on our heads, the God who has no beginning and no end desires an intimate relationship with us—forever. El Olam, The Everlasting God of Eternity, draws our love-hungry hearts with a radical, unconditional, self-sacrificing love.


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